This time period is the least discussed part of the real estate transaction but it is a very precarious time. A great deal happens behind the scenes and most people don’t realize how easily a deal can go sideways if the buying or selling agents don’t complete the necessary tasks and paperwork in the required time frame.

We work with you to fulfil any conditions in the agreement. It is very common to purchase a home with conditions, and the most common are a condition on financing and a condition on home inspection. During this time we:

  • Prepare the paperwork to send to your financial institution for final approval
  • Assist with arranging the home inspection
  • Refer you to qualified professionals if you need assistance; real estate lawyer, home inspectors, mortgage brokers, and so on.
  • Guide you & negotiate on your behalf in the event there are unforeseen issues, for example an unseen issue discovered in the home inspection.
  • Prepare all paperwork for waivers on the conditions (must be done on time)
  • Send all documents to the lawyer (must be done on time)
  • Arrange any visits to the home before closing
  • Guide you on how the process will work from acceptance to closing

It seems pretty straightforward, but you might be surprised how many times dates have expired, conditions not fulfilled, and a general lack of communication occurs. In the best case, we can sign amendments to the dates (more paperwork!!) but frustration and worry mounts, and deals can fall through. Communication with all parties and meeting deadlines is simple and essential. We do our due diligence to get our clients’ deals to close.